• Creative Challenge: JUGGLING!

    As part of my push to make 2023 my "Year of Creativity", I have decided to give myself a challenge: I am going to learn how to juggle.

    Additionally, as part of the process, I'm going to post short updates on my progress.

    To begin this challenge, I am going to tackle mastering the "3 ball cascade", one of the most basic juggling skills. I do have a long range goal with this challenge, but I will share that with you in a later post.

    Here we go!


  • When Techonology Doesn't Work

    I had one of the WORST experiences with an online meeting today.

    I was in charge of facilitating the meeting, but my Internet connection was unstable. To my viewers I was laggy, glitchy and just totally frozen. I tried to solve the connection issues from my end, but eventually was only able to watch helplessly as my bored audience took over the meeting and just goofed around.

    I know technology is supposed to make life easier, and it does - WHEN IT WORKS!

    When it doesn't work, well, things aren't easier at all.

  • What do I say when there's nothing to say?

    I don't get it.

    Some people blog, or tweet, or Instagram effortlessly day after day (sometimes minute by minute) about what's going on around them.

    That's not me.

    The only reason I've been posting on this blog daily is because I'm fairly certain that no one is reading.

    How do they do it? How do they document every passing moment as it happens. Do they have lower social filters? Or do they believe that everything is interesting?

    I know I want to create engaging content, but I'm not sure how to do it EVERY DAY. Maybe just practicing like this is the first step to making that happen.

  • How many more ways do I need to learn what I already know?

    The pandemic lockdown has forced me to tackle technology that I might not otherwise have done. It's been good that way, because if I wasn't forced to learn something new, I probably would have just stayed with the old. 

    But I've noticed something. Sometimes, the software evolves and what used to be a simple task becomes complicated because there's a new way of doing it. Sometimes, BETTER software comes along, and then I have to learn a whole new way of doing something I already know how to do (with the inevitable frustrations the new learning curve provides).

    Will I ever get to the point where I know a method that works and stay with it - possible improving? 

    There are advantages to technology. I could be writing this with a pen and paper, but I wouldn't be able to share it as easily. I guess I'm just getting weary of all the new-and-improvements being piled onto a task I've already learned.

  • Too Much, Too Soon?

    As I've already mentioned, I believe that when you are doing a little bit every day, the cumulative results are more impressive than trying to "power-create" in a blinding fury of short-term output.

    That being said, I'm trying to establish a bunch of new daily habits all at the same time (this daily blog entry being one of them). What I'm noticing is that it's hard to keep all these new habits going at the same time. I have a checklist of all the habits I want to accomplish in a day, but what I'm finidng is that I'm running out of day. It's easy to get discouraged or not follow through when you don't accomplish everything on your list.

    Am I adding too many new habits too soon? Or do I just need better time management?

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